There are many restrictions on Facebook. If we want safe and secure your Facebook ID, We need to know the details of Facebook. Okay, let’s come to the point.

You can make a maximum of 5,000 friends on Facebook, almost everyone knows. But did you know that you can follow an additional 5,000 people? And there is no limit to how many people can follow you.

You can upload a maximum of 1000 (one thousand) photos in a photo album on Facebook. Facebook can send messages to up to 150 people at once (group messages) and up to 6 people can stay in group calls (video and audio).

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You can write any post on Facebook in a maximum of 63208 characters (Characters). And you can write a comment in a maximum of 8000 characters. You can like a maximum of 5000 (five thousand) pages on Facebook. When this limit is over, you will not be able to like any new page. However, there is no limit on how many pages you can open or how many pages you can be an admin of.

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On Facebook, you can join up to 6000 (six thousand) groups. Once the limit of joining 6,000 groups is met, you will not be able to join any new group, but you will be able to leave one group and join another new group. You can send a maximum of 20 friend requests on Facebook every day. If you try to send more than this, you may be blocked from sending a 1-week friend request.

How to change when the limit of changing the date of birth of Facebook is over


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Why are there different types of badges next to the names of the members in the group?

This badge is automatically added next to the name of the group members, depending on the activity of the members. Here admins or moderators do not add badges next to anyone’s name. Find out why a badge is attached and for how long.

  • 1. Admin: All the admins of the group are permanently added next to their names.
  • 2. Moderator: Permanently added next to the names of all the moderators in the group.
  • 3. New Member: The names of all the new members who have joined the group are added for 2 weeks.
  • 4. Rising Star: The new members of the group who have more engagement (reaction, comment, share) in the post are added next to their name for at least 1 month.
  • 5. Visual Storyteller: Those who have more reactions, comments, and shares in pictures or videos, are added next to their names for 1 month.
  • 6. Conversation Starter: People who have more reactions, comments, shares in their posts, and more likes in the comments are added to their profile for 1 month.

Facebook page’s profile picture

We can see that the profile of the Facebook page is peak shaped, but any size of this square shape will not make the picture look beautiful. If the image size is too small or too big, it will not look beautiful in the profile pic, it will look blurry. When uploading a Facebook profile picture, it shows 180×160 pixels on the desktop and 128×128 pixels on the mobile, but small pictures of 180×160 pixels cannot be uploaded. So the best size for uploading images is 360×360 pixels. After uploading, it will match as needed on different devices, and the resolution will be fine. Notice again that your shared profile shows up in the pic timeline. So if the image size is too small then it will not look very good in the timeline.

Special Tips: Never upload cover pics, profile pics, or posts to pages from mobile. Then the image quality is lost.

There are 3 things you need to do to keep your Facebook ID safe

1. Match the name and date of your Facebook ID with your official document (National Identity Card, Passport, Driving License). If there is no match, change it.

2. If the Facebook ID is signed up using only the mobile number, attach the email ID with it. If opened with an email ID, add a mobile number. That means you have to have 2 options.

3. Enable 2-step verification on Facebook ID.

Post Reach

One of the key aspects of the algorithm behind any member’s Facebook group being active / live for a long time is the reliability of the account.

The authority of an account increases almost every time through unique content posts. The more you post new posts and pictures of yourself that have never been published on Facebook before, the more the authority of your profile will increase and your post will reach a much wider audience and the number of engagements will also increase.

So you have to give up the habit of copying and pasting the writings of others and write like yourself if you really want a good engagement in your own post.

Remember that the fake can never lose the original. The same formula applies to personal profiles and pages.