Group chats with up to 6 people can now be done on WhatsApp. This feature can only be obtained by downloading the latest version of the app. The latest version is not yet available in the Google App Store.

So you have to go to the website of WhatsApp and download the new version. So far, a maximum of 4 people could talk on WhatsApp video calls. Everyone is under house arrest due to the spread of the coronavirus epidemic. Due to this, the number of participants in various app video calls is increasing.

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In the meantime, the number of participants in the house party has been increased to 7, and the group call to Google Duo has been increased to 12. Also, 50 people can be added to video calls through the Facebook Messenger Room feature.

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However, most people can talk together for free on Zoom. Up to 100 participants can join together for video conferencing. Due to this advantage, the number of users of Zoom is also increasing at rocket speed. 300 million people around the world are using the app.

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