If the domain business name is patented, then no one else can use that name. Such names as Facebook, Google, Amazon, Sony, Toyota, Skype are all trademarked. If you buy a domain with this word, it will be included in the trademark. E.g. FacebookSheba, AmazonShop.

If the company wants, it can sue your name or notify the domain registry to delete the domain. However, our country or small companies do not pay much attention to these so many times many people use such domains for spamming.

This domain has no value in the international market. In some cases, the company takes the domain owner with some money without getting into trouble but it is very rare.

There are many tools for checking domains. E.g.

  • USPTO.gov
  • WIPO.int
  • Trademark247.com

You can also see their official site based on the country.