Internet users have become more cautious. At least four out of every five users are removing their personal data from various social media apps.

Internet users have become aware, according to a report released on Saturday. That’s why at least 72 percent have started removing all their personal data from apps. Another third, or 37 percent, says they don’t know how to do it.

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Users are not only worried about their own information, but also about their relatives’ information. 24 percent claim that their personal information is open to everyone without their knowledge. Stay informed.

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Many people provide personal information to enhance their web experience. There are very few people who are aware of their personal information on the web. And cybercriminals take that opportunity. The report claims that they are successful in at least 43 percent of these cases.

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The security organization has presented the results of the survey conducted in 23 countries of the world. However, at least 21 percent of people initially said they were cautious about their information.