It is important for a marketer to have an idea about social media marketing tools at the present time. Let’s take a look at the statistics, the number of social media users in 2010 was only 0.98 billion and in 2019 that number came to 3.98 billion. Currently 30% of internet users use Facebook. And Facebook is just a part of social media if you add the number of other social media users will be more.

If you are a professional marketer, then naturally you do not need to understand the importance of social media marketing. Because Facebook alone has 60 million active business pages and 85% of the world’s most expensive brands promote their posts with money.

You probably already know what social media marketing is and why. Here are some strategies and methods to use for social media marketing. And you can easily do those strategies and methods through social media marketing tools.


Sendible is a great marketing tool. Since the social media site is not only Facebook but there are many more social media besides Facebook. And you can use all these social media together through this tool. This means that through this tool you will be able to do all kinds of marketing work including post, comment, message, keyword research on all your social media sites.

Although there are several other tools like Agorapulse, Postplanner, Sproutsocial, Buffer, etc. From here you can use whatever you want. But you must pay to use it. But my advice is to use it for free first, if you like, then buy it with money, if you need to fill it.

Google Trends

Google Trends is a completely free marketing tool. It provides an idea about online trending topics. It is currently used to monitor viral issues around the world. Most marketers use it to discover the most popular topic right now.

You can use Google Trends to see if your keywords are trending and to compare and monitor keywords from previous months and years.


The image plays a very important role in marketing. There is a lot of software available online to do a lot of work including image editing, adding text, taking the right size. But working on that software is quite troublesome and time-consuming.

However, the funny thing is that without any kind of software, only online you can do important tasks like photo editing, text ads, taking the right size through the Canva website. Most Canvas tools are completely free.


Most of the time marketing requires infographics. A marketer doesn’t have so much lazy time on his hands that he will sit down and create the perfect infographics. And the Venngage website has the facility to create this perfect infographic.

There are a few thousand icons above. You can also upload pictures and icons of your choice. You can create professional-quality infographics in a very short time by completely dragging and dropping. After creating infographics, you can share them directly on social media sites from this website.


Pictures are one of the tools to attract people’s attention. You have to upload a lot of pictures every day for marketing. It is very difficult to buy all the pictures with money. Don’t be discouraged, you can download thousands of pictures every day for free from Unsplash website. You can also check out the list of the top 20 websites for copyright-free photos.

Almost everything is tracked online. And as a social media marketer, you have to keep track. If you share a link, it is important to be aware of how many people are clicking on that link. And you can do this simple task through the website.

You can find out how many people clicked on your link and where they clicked through this website. Once you open an account and paste your link there, you will get a short link from their website. You need to share that link. Clicking on this link will take you to your desired website. But by clicking on this link you will be able to track them.

Video Maker

Currently the biggest marketing tool is video marketing. All the big companies in the world spend half of their marketing money on marketing videos. We used to watch video ads on TV and now we watch online. We can understand how much people are interested in videos by looking at YouTube.

However, various online websites offer you the benefits of animation or video editing.


The days of wasting time sitting for hours on end posting on various social media are over. Now when you post on social media, it will automatically be posted on other social media. The IFTTT website will do just that.

If someone mentions you on Reddit or any other website, you will receive an email. If you post on Facebook or Twitter, it will automatically be posted on Instagram. If you go to this website, you will get many more benefits like this.


Buzzsumo is a great website to get an idea of ​​what is going viral on social media right now. Just by searching a few keywords you can find out what the audience loves, what kind of posts they are most interested in, and share.

Most social media marketers fail at work because they work with the wrong keywords. But when you act according to human needs in this way, success will come in the palm of your hand.


The job of the Reply tool is to reply to messages and comments on all social media sites. This allows you to communicate with all social media audiences at once. You don’t have to log in to different social media sites for this.

This was our brief discussion today on social media marketing tools. Using these tools you can speed up your work, as well as be a professional social media marketer.