Many people are looking for free software download websites for computers, especially Windows operating systems. There are many websites, but not all of them are secure; Most are full of viruses.

Although there are some free software alternatives to the paid software of Windows, many people want the software of Windows. So, they look for websites that can be downloaded for free. But free software download websites are often extremely dangerous.

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Most of these sites have fake download buttons. As a result, when you click on the download button, it is seen that the software for which the download button has been given, has started downloading something other than downloading.

Again, the desired software is being downloaded but it is not working properly. Rather, it has messed up your PC. That is, the file contains a virus.

So, you need some websites from which you can download any useful software completely safely. Today I will introduce you to some such safe websites.

Free software download website


Those who know about Ninite have already downloaded a lot of necessary software from here. And for those who don’t know, Ninite is a very secure website. This site is more known for its security.

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From Ninite you can regularly download the necessary software for free. No need to worry about malware or viruses. He thinks those who are in charge of the security of the site. From this site you can download any single software, you can also download by selecting several software together.

Download link: Click!


Softpedia has built a huge repository with about 6 lakh 50 thousand files. What is not in this free website? This website has all the necessary software for all operating systems including Windows, Mac, Linux. And hundreds of software updates are done here every day.

You can find all kinds of drivers for your operating system on the Softpedia website. There are also all the paid apps of the Android operating system. There are also thousands of new and old games.

Download link: Click!


The FileHippo website has about 20,000 software for Windows, Mac, and Wave divided into 16 categories. An added benefit of this site is that it can automatically detect your PC’s system. And after detection, it can tell you which software needs to be updated on your PC.

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While using FileHippo, you may notice that they are giving you their Download Manager. It would be wise for you to avoid it, that is, not to accept the download manager. I think it would be better to go directly to the download link without going to the download manager to download any software from this website.

Download link: Click!

Download Crew

While browsing the Download Crew may turn your head at random, you will find some software that is not available on other websites. However, they have short reviews of each category and beautiful reviews of each software.

If you want to download any new software, you need to go to the “Most Popular Downloads” section. And if you want to get very good quality software, you have to look in the “Editor’s Choice” section.

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With the limited number of software, the FileHorse website guarantees you a completely safe download. Here you will not find thousands of software like other websites. However, the ones you get are the ones that are needed. In other words, only popular software is kept on this website. So, you don’t have to get too fast to find the necessary software.

Download link: Click!

We hope you enjoy the free software download website. And you must find the software you need on one of the websites here.