Hijra a very common fearful Bengali word to everyone who traveled in Dhaka city and highways by public bus or train. Generally in real life, the picture is that they harassed people in public transport for money, they use slang and force everyone to give money. Most of the people are afraid of them and sometimes people became very rude to them.

Whereas Gender identity refers to an individual sense of one’s gender, and gender distinctiveness is closely related to any person’s ascribed sex at birth. Gender appearance seems to us a person’s gender individuality, but this is can differ from situation to situation. Even though a person may perhaps express their behaviors, boldness, brashness even if appearances stable with a particular gender-specific role, such as countenance may not unavoidably reflect their gender identity. Good to know the term gender identity was in the beginning coined by Robert J. Stoller in 1964.

Hijras are the iconic character of South Asian gender and sexual variance covers a publicly institutionalized sub-culture of male-bodied and feminine-identified people. Although they have occurred as culturally recognized as the third gender used for a very lengthy time, freshly hijras have been officially recognized as the third gender in South Asian countries. But if we go back to the 16th and 17th centuries, the Mughal people showed respect and offered them royal jobs as well.

The Yogyakarta Principles, a manuscript on the bid of international human rights and laws that explained as well as the definition of gender individuality as each person’s deeply fingered internal and individual’s involvement of gender, which may or sometime may not correspond with the sex given at birth, counting the person’s sense of the body which could involve, if freely chosen, reform of bodily appearance by medical, surgical or other modern means and other knowledge of gender, including what to wear, basic speech and mannerism. Principle 3 stands that “Each person’s self-defined […] gender identity is essential to their behavior and is one of the greatest basic aspects of self-determination, self-esteem, and freedom.

The word respect can be defined as “honor for or a sense of the value or superiority of a person, personal excellence or ability, or roughly considered as the appearance of an individual quality or facility“

Before making fun and disrespecting third gender people we should understand without respect any kind of social relationship will be occupied with clash and dissatisfaction. It is the law of nature that if we failed to respect others, they will not admire us, if we don’t respect ourselves we will not be respected by others either. It is necessary to feel safe and to remain capable to express ourselves without the panic of being humiliated, judged, and discriminated against. Being respectful of others, being respected and respecting ourselves increases our self-esteem, self-efficacy, mental health, and well-being.

However, we ought further bolstering belief that how difficult their term is concerning huge numbers of third gender people, that group needs to arrive at displace their gang. What’s more, it needs a characterized assembly structure. They bring formed a society the place they carry on with under a guru who gives them for social safety, the shelter also necessities in return for cash furthermore to a percentage of situations. They start to sustain a crew with a pioneer very nearly in a house. Their everyday income needs aid or helps everyone gathered toward the guru who at that point gives them for their necessities and there will be spared for future speculation including safety, off chance planning, or travel. They are left out from the conventional social, cultural, family, religious, and political life. Having no household and wedded life or any societal status, they are predominantly deprived of their basic rights and needs.

As a final point, they bring nothing should lose also nothing will increase. They bring no lifestyle will win cash to satisfy their fundamental needs. They have lost their appreciated space previously, particular social order. There’s no disagreeing that despite all the allowed initiatives taken, the miserable status of those people may barely change for a better life to live, except they are heartened to take education at school, college or university, or legalized the access to government and non-government employment. They can narrowly be expected to live the normal social life, unless they nurture up intellectually, absorb proper manners, and achieve their financial freedom. So, if you cannot help those don not disrespect them, treat them as a human being like others in society.

Writer: Rahanuma Islam Mithila