This feature is not new at all, but I’m sure 98% of people don’t know about this great feature. Yes, I am talking about converting your Facebook ID into a page.

Your Facebook ID represents the emotional feelings and events of your personal life. But these days, due to the growing importance of e-commerce and e-commerce, many of us share our business products in our own timeline. In my opinion, Facebook ID should never be through business (Facebook Authority does not approve one). In this case, you can use the page. Let’s know Facebook profile to page convert

All the benefits of converting your Facebook ID into a page:

1. Your friends will automatically like your page. That means you don’t have to invite new likes.
2. Your ID will be in place and you will get a new page with free followers.
3. Everyone who has given you friend Riku will also become a follower of your page.
4. This means you will get a readymade Facebook active page.
5. The number of followers of your page will be the number of friends in your ID + the number of followers.
. You can import photos + videos of your Facebook ID on your Facebook page.


1. Followers of Facebook ID will move to most of the pages. This means that the number of followers in the ID will show less. But there is no other problem.
2. Before the conversion, the name of your ID will be the name of the page and so on. The name cannot be changed. However, if you change the name and rename your shop to ID before you convert, then you will get the name of your shop on this page.

Overall, there is no problem. It will take 1to10 minute profile to page convert.

What is a Facebook page and what is the use of a Facebook page?

Facebook page is a facility where you can deliver your post to many Facebook users by posting. When we post something on our profile, only our friends can see it, but the Facebook page is different. You can post there separately. And the posts will reach the people to whom the post will reach according to the name of your Facebook page. And in order to make the posts on the Facebook page accessible to more people, the Facebook company has introduced the facility of boosting the posts. You can boost your Facebook page post by paying to reach thousands of people. The main thing is that it is an advertising facility on Facebook. You can avail of this facility through the Facebook page. However, you can get many likes and followers without boosting the Facebook page. For this, you have to invite your friends to like your Facebook page and you have to do a lot of your page.

Facebook page is an advantage of Facebook through which we can do different things. Facebook pages are basically created for different tasks and to reach different people with different information. The tasks are to think about which service you want to provide nationwide. Then how do you tell people across the country that you want to provide this service to them? Or you want to start an online business. To this end, you need to make your online business known to everyone. Because if people don’t know about your online business, you won’t have any kind of sale. Nowadays, Facebook ads have become very popular. Because nowadays most of the people use Facebook which means that if an advertisement is placed on Facebook, it reaches everyone very quickly. And it is possible to reach people of all walks of life. Websites, as well as Facebook pages, are used for online shopping. But now many people are doing online business only with the Facebook page.