The Private University Student Association has called for a boycott of all classes and activities in protest of the coronavirus outbreak, which is forcing online university students to pursue online education.

This information was given in a press release sent by Nokib Hossain Rhythm on behalf of the students of the private university on Sunday.

Protesting against the notice issued by the UGC and the Ministry of Education for conducting online activities, the organization said that in this situation, it is not possible to participate in online classes and take exams at all. Different universities are sitting on semester fees, it is like a drought on death! Those who would deposit money for 4 months, how will they pay? Where will their money come from? Moreover, now is the month of fasting. Human costs are going up a bit this month. Many are not arranging a good iftar, will they drop out of school?

The UGC and the Ministry of Education have boycotted all classes and educational activities from today in protest of the decision, saying the decision would remain in force until the next notice from the UGC.

A Boy said in a post on Facebook,

The issue is not desirable at all, many people do not have the internet at home. At least 50% of the people have left Dhaka. Again, there is still a part of it in the body. Some people don’t have a SIM card network. How do people exam in this situation? Is it a snake ludo game? I wanted to buy the code and play it, but if I can’t go out, I downloaded the app from the Play Store and played it? Online exams or online classes are nothing, just nothing. The real thing is to give a salary to the staff.

Do you know what Jack’s maa said? “The real challenge is to survive this year.”

Please paid the salaries of the varsity staff from the authority’s pocket a few months and I didn’t or I said about the previous profit. Do not turn off the light of the family to light the light of education. For God’s sake, skip the business mind in this epidemic.

They have sought the intervention of the Prime Minister and the Ministry of Education in this regard.