Coronavirus spread from a fish market of Hubei Province if Wuhan, China. This virus attacked all over the world within these 3 months & killed around 66,165 people till now. 12,20,015 are people got attacked by this virus. 2,51,032 recovered. The death rate is not so high. After China, Italy & Spanish people died in a large number. It is a global pandemic now. In Bangladesh, around 88 people were attacked & 9 patients died till now.

There is no certain vaccine or treatment for this disease. Scientists from all over the world are doing research on it. North Korea & some countries are successful to reduce the virus effect by locking down their cities. The only way to reduce the effect of CORONAVIRUS is to maintain quarantine. The infected person should be brought under isolation. More & more tests will indicate the percentage of attacked persons. & by keeping them in quarantine, the virus is reduced.

Wuhan seafood market may not be source of novel virus spreading ... Photo: Wuhan seafood market

As there is no treatment or vaccine, so according to the instructions of WHO people should keep their self-clean always, they should keep social distance & wash their hands so many times in a day. They should use hand sanitizer, musk, when they are outside of home BD govt, announced to follow home quarantine nationally The mighty USA neglected it & now they are suffering. 277, 355 cases are confirmed & 7,128 people died in the USA.Coronavirus Death Toll Climbs in China, and a Lockdown Widens ...

Photo: Wuhan seafood market

The global environment is at a standstill because of this virus. After the 2nd World War, this is the most crucial moment in the world now. This virus has already attacked in International Economy.

The IMF (International Monetary Fund) has already declared the global economic recession. It will tremendously affect the economy of the whole world. To control this situation BD govt has already deployed the Bangladesh Army.

The police force is also commanded to keep the situation is controlled. the direction to the nation from the Honorable Prime Minister is to stay at home & follow the WHO instructions to keep healthy. Educational Institutes, some of Govt offices, business institutes are instructed to remain closed. Not only that public transports, but food shops, etc have to remain close also.

Writer: Miraj

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