In the world of the domain investors, the value of the old domain is higher than the new hand register. Large domain owners usually do not register at all or do very little. In this case, their first choice is the resale domain or the old running domain.

The age of the domain is the public aspect of a website, which can be directly considered as a part of the S, E, O of the site. The age of the domain can never be changed without regular renewal.
The value of an old domain is much higher than a new domain. Usually end users try to find more old domains for the brand.

For example, suppose you are an expert in certain services, now you want to provide services, in this case, if you open a brand with a new domain from the old domain, your customers will trust you more. And in the old domain, S, E, O scores get good results.

Values ​​of Numeric Domains [2020] 

Where can I get a domain?

You will find AZ domains in almost all marketplaces, Sedo, Dan, Epic, Godaddy, etc. In this case, such domains are available in 2 categories.

  • Direct domain owner lists domains.
  • The registrar lists itself.

In the 1st category, the domain owner or domain investor/domain owner lists it himself. The registrar usually lists in the 2nd category, in which case if a domain is not renewed even after its expiration, the registrar lists it in the marketplace before deleting it. Since it is an old domain, before deleting it, it is listed in the market so that someone else can buy and use it. This is called an expired auction.

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Things to keep in mind when buying an old domain:

  • Check whois and see when the registration has been done.
  • Check if the link is blocked from Facebook, in this case check the link by sharing it on Facebook.
  • Check if it is blocked from Google.
  • If S, E, O score is mentioned, you will check it.

There is nothing wrong with your old domain. The older the domain, the higher its value. Even if you have a spam score, it can be removed. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person. A domain means a unique identity.

Writer: Khaled