Software giant Microsoft has challenged global ethical hackers. The US company has also announced a reward of one lakh dollars to the hacker if he wins the challenge.

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The hackers will receive a $100,000 reward if they break the security of Microsoft’s custom Linux operating system within three months, said Sylvie Liu, security program manager at Microsoft’s security division. Creating solutions. Through this OST will go to a new height.

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“Before any unethical hackers hack it, we want to catch all the tiny flaws,” he said. We don’t want to take any risks. This bug bounty program will start from June 1 and will continue for three months till August 31.

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During this period, Microsoft will reward up to a maximum of one million dollars. There will be separate categories for prizes. Azure Sphere’s security researchers will determine and judge the type of reward for any type of error. Last year, Azure Sphere was announced by Microsoft at the Build Conference. Azure Sphere is also at the heart of this year’s Bug Bounty research challenge.