Freelancing first started in 1998. An online marketplace was opened, which is where freelancing started. It’s pretty funny. There is no rush office time, when you want to work. This work can be of different types. From web designing to graphic designing, software development, thematic article writing or data entry can be the subject of freelancing.

There are two sides here. Client and freelancer. The client assigns the freelancer a variety of tasks, and the task is to be completed and sent to the client within a specified time (which is determined by the freelancer’s wishes). Remuneration is done with the client before starting the work. When done, the client pays the freelancer what he or she deserves. Yes, it has become a successful freelancing!

To start freelancing:

First of all, you have to become a small expert on the subject you want to do freelancing. If you are proficient in a few things, you will get more work as a freelancer. You have to gain experience by doing different things. Remember, the more experience, the more likely you are to get a job.


Many may be wondering, “I understand everything, but where will this client-freelancer transaction be?” This ‘matter’ will be in the marketplace. No, it is not a raw market or a wholesale market. It is a completely online marketplace through which clients find freelancers. The whole thing happens in the marketplace through a well-organized process.

First the clients or clients come to the marketplace. There they review various bids made by freelancers. A freelancer tells you in a bid how long it will take to complete the job and how much it will cost. The client will then accept whichever bid is deemed most desirable. The client then communicates with the freelancers and gets everything done. When the work is completed, the money is paid in different ways.

If you want to be a good freelancer:

Only if you are a freelancer, but it will not work. If you are a freelancer, but no client is hiring you – then freelancing is not for you. There are several things you need to keep in mind to be a good freelancer. For example, when you bid in the marketplace, the client will be attracted to your profile. That’s why the profile should be excellent, so that the client can see the interest and work. Turning to different marketplaces, there should be profiles created by understanding the needs of the clients.

There are a few things to keep in mind when creating a great profile. E.g.

1. Must be an expert in any one subject. There are outsourcing coaching centers, from where you can learn about it. Moreover, it is very important to try the pen by hand. You can also go ahead and become experienced by watching video tutorials.

2. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. For example, if you are good at writing, you need to add your article to an article profile.

3. A test called Freelancing Skill Measurement can be given in popular marketplaces like, Participating in these will not be bad for the profile, but!

4. In addition to the freelancing marketplace, you can share your profile and craft on various social media, blogs and forums. This will increase the profile profile, which is very important in freelancing.

The secret to getting a client:

The easiest way to get a client is to get a job in someone’s reference. You have to prepare a nice profile and wait patiently to get the first job. This is where the real test of patience begins. After a long wait, if you get a job, you have to finish it in a timely manner. The client will be happy and may give you the next job, or will refer your name to others. This way you can be a familiar face in the freelance world.

The subject of freelancing:

Client-freelance-marketplace What are you missing out on in the midst of all this clutter? I remember what was happening, “I understood everything. But what about freelancing? ”

You will find the answer to everything here. It is possible to do various things in the freelancing marketplace. These tasks can be roughly divided into two parts.

Relatively simple tasks include tasks like data entry or article writing. Needless to say, there are a lot of bids for such work, so to get such a job, a freelancer has to compete in a big way.

Relatively difficult tasks include web development, software development, graphic designing. There is a good reason why such work is paid more, the competition is a bit less. But to do these things perfectly, you have to be an expert. Otherwise you will not have the good fortune to see the smiling face of the client.

Whatever the case, one thing must always be kept in mind. There is a balance between how hard the work is and what time you have to do it. Remuneration will depend a lot on your experience.

Understand how to pay:

The internet is not a very safe place. So if you don’t know the process of getting paid by freelancing, then you can easily become a fool. Your hard work can only be done without work. That is why the ways to get paid need to be clarified.

Banks are definitely a safe way to understand the money owed. Balances can be transferred directly from some marketplaces to bank accounts. But in the marketplaces where there is no such system, the fee can be understood in the online payment transaction process. But it is a complicated process and it takes months and a half to complete all the work.

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Regular clients do not usually go to these troubles. They hire freelancers via e-mail or other means, and also send fees directly to freelancers’ bank accounts. But to get such a regular client requires a lot of experience.

There is a type of debit card called Payoneer Prepaid Master Card. This card can be used to withdraw a certain amount of money directly from the marketplace. Online shopping can also be done using this card. Or you can use Paypal.

Barriers to freelancing

Just as freelancing opens the door to many possibilities, there are a number of barriers to online freelancing. There is no set time for this, work can come at any time, it may not come again. So it may be that in one month he received a large sum of money, but in the following month he was reduced to a very small amount. Many times the client is late in paying the fee, causing various problems. Again, outsourcing is not recognized as a profession in our country. But the hope is that the outlook is changing.

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Bengali freelancers usually work on data entry, writing, web designing, multimedia and content creation. These, of course, deserve praise, but the most profitable jobs are web developing and software developing. Bangladesh is still a little behind in this place. For this, Bangladeshi freelancers need to improve their skills, because:

Bengalis have a lot of notoriety. They are lazy, they eat too much to keep up with the punk people in the corporate world, they breathe in the fence of rules. But they were never lacking in merit. And that is why freelancing has brought lazy Bengalis a great opportunity – to make money by using their talents as their own without getting in the way of the rules.

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No need to hinder nine or five jobs, no need to be a corporate robot! It is possible to get a beautiful future by outsourcing by using one’s own talent! Veto Bengali will be a freelancer this time, the world will know a self-reliant Bangladesh – the dream will not be a dream for a long time! Now is the time to make the dream come true!