Life Hacks: How to make a good communication skills

Life Hacks: Communication Skills are a very necessary subject nowadays. Not just now, it was necessary for the past and will be in the future. Speaking of jobs and start-ups, communication skills are very important for our careers. Not only that, but communication skills also increase our acceptance among people.

Communication skills are the ability to understand the information given by others and to be able to explain what you want to say to others. It can happen in two ways – in writing and in words. We will talk here about the skills of communication that is just by talking. You will notice that communication skills are basically two parts – being able to understand others and being able to understand yourself.

Understanding others

There are some small things to keep in mind to build the ability to understand others and increase it through caring. Let’s see what things can be easily understood if one wants to give information through words.

  1. Listen carefully.
  2.  Notice the body language.
  3.  Explain to the speaker that you are listening.

1. Listen carefully:

Many do not pay much attention to the speaker in the conversation. That’s not right at all. In order to understand what others are saying, you must first look at it to hear it well. If you don’t listen carefully, a lot of things don’t go unnoticed a lot of the time. In that case, it can be seen that when you can say something in response to a word, you will stop without finding the word. That is why you should listen carefully to the speaker. Then the conversation can go on very easily without getting stuck.

Think about how you would feel if someone listened to you attentively. Of course, it will feel good and it will feel like they are paying you. Then you will try harder to say good things. When you listen carefully to the other person, the same thing will happen to him and he will tell you his words well. This will allow you to easily gather the necessary information. So where is the barrier to listening attentively?

2. Notice the body language:

Listening attentively is not limited to listening, it is also a matter of noticing with the eyes. Listening attentively helps to make it easier to understand the speaker’s facial expressions and hand and foot movements. Even if it is done subconsciously, the movement of the speaker’s body helps to enhance his speech. That is why besides listening to the speaker, one should also pay attention to the movement of his body and limbs.

Again, many do not say directly, but the movement of the hand, eye gestures also try to explain that he wants to end the conversation. In that case, understanding those gestures and ending the conversation quickly also falls within the communication skills.

3. Explain to the speaker that you are listening:

When a speaker speaks, he also notices whether the listener is listening. If the listener is interested, his enthusiasm for speaking increases. So when you listen, you have to tell the speaker that you are listening to him. In that case, shaking your head a little at a time, occasionally saying hu-ha, etc. will make the speaker understand that you are listening to him. This will make the speaker more interested in speaking which will make your conversation easier and smoother.

However, do not respond so much that the speaker’s speech is interrupted. Then the speaker may be annoyed. This will disrupt your main purpose.

Communication skills strategies

  • Explain yourself to others
  • Don’t talk too fast
  • Speaking through the eyes of the listener
  • Pay attention to body language
  • Using jokes

1. Explain yourself to others:

Being able to express yourself to others is also an important part of communication skills. If you can focus on some things, you can easily present your words to others. Let’s see those things.

2. Don’t talk too fast:

The first thing you need to do is to speak slowly so that people can easily understand what you are saying. If you speak too fast, people will easily lose interest in listening to you because they will not understand most of the words. In that case, it will affect your conversation and disrupt the real purpose.

Humor makes our relationship easier

On the other hand, if you speak slowly, you will have enough time to find the right words to express yourself. At the same time, your audience will have enough time to listen and understand what you mean by that word. This way you can easily develop yourself as a good speaker.

But don’t be too slow. Then the person you are talking to will think that you do not have enough knowledge about the subject you are talking about. So he will lose interest in listening and speaking.

3. Speaking through the eyes of the listener:

When speaking, you must look into the eyes of the listener. This will make the listener understand that you are confident and have enough knowledge about what you are saying. Also, if you look into the eyes of the listener and speaker, the listener will not be able to easily avoid your words. This way you can easily convey what you want to say to the audience.

If the audience is more than one, never look at one and talk. Will try to look at everyone and talk. This will make them understand that you are talking to everyone seriously.

4. Pay attention to body language:

Your body also moves as needed by adjusting to what you say in your mouth. This is very important because when a person hears you, he also pays attention to your gestures. Because your gestures help him to understand. But make sure your gestures are consistent with what you say. Only then will the listener understand you easily.

Gestures, hand gestures, etc. are the most important gestures that will help the listener to understand you. If you talk about an object with your mouth and make a gesture with your hands, the audience will understand easily. This way you can easily make your words easy to understand to the listener.

5. Using jokes:

Humor attracts people. So if you use humor in your words as needed then you can easily attract people towards you. Humor also makes our relationship easier. So if you use some humorous words or hints from an uninteresting word from time to time, you will be able to easily win over the listener and will be able to keep the listener’s attention towards you.

However, if the discussion is a discussion of grief or suffering, then do not go there to use jokes again. Needless to say what the outcome will be.
If you know in what ways you can increase your communication skills? Then why is it late? Through practice, continue to increase this necessary skill little by little from now on, with which you will be able to make yourself more acceptable to people in the future.

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