Facebook will soon be working to add a new React feature called Care React. Now the question of many is that a group got a Care React on Facebook but why didn’t we get it? Someone got it and someone doesn’t get it, why? I am now clearing the issue. Those who have received this new Care React are Beta users.

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Now the question is what is Beta? Generally speaking, a beta program is when a software company develops software and allows some groups to use all the new features of their app to find out if there are any errors in it so that the user of that app or software can let them know if there is an error.

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In other words, Beta version software can be called a trial or testing software where before adding any new feature of the main software, Beta software can check if there is any mistake in it.

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So I say that those who have received this Care React are the beta users who have already received the feature and you are crying when you see it. I would like to express my special sympathy to some of the people who are frustrated with not getting this feature even with the app update.

Sorry, this beta program has run out of limits, we are currently unable to use this feature. So wait for the stable version to be released. In addition to beta users, some users have received this reaction.