Motivation is purely a psychological matter. It basically creates an environment in which the self-motivated activity is continued by keeping the interest or desire to perform the work among the employees.

Motivation is the strategy or process of self-motivation to motivate employees to evaluate their grievances, grievances, hopes, and aspirations.

Motivation is the technique or process of self-motivation to arouse the desire or desire of the employees to perform their work by assessing their grievances, sorrows, hopes, and aspirations.

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Motivation is the process by which an employee is motivated to reach a set goal.

Motivation is an incentive system through which an employee is loyal to his or her organization and plays an active role in performing the tasks they collectively assume.

Let us know the importance of motivation:

  • Motivation increases work satisfaction among the employees of the organization.
  • Motivation helps employees build high morale.
  • Creates interest in the work of employees.
  • Motivation helps employees to innovate new ways of working as well as emotional satisfaction.
  • Motivation enhances employees ’work skills.
  • Builds good managers’ relationships with employees.
  • Motivation also plays an important role in reducing waste.
  • Motivation creates a mentality among employees to participate in training and development activities.
  • Motivation also contributes to the creation of favorable team behavior.
  • Highly motivated employees use their work efforts to increase the organization’s sales and profits.
  • Motivation reduces the tendency of employees to leave the organization.
  • Industrial conflict is reduced.
  • Goals and objectives are easy to implement.
  • By motivating the employees to work, more work can be done or realized in less time and less cost.
  • Motivation helps in bringing rules and regulations among the employees and helps them to abide by the rules and regulations.
  • Motivation plays a very effective role in the overall development of the organization.

So motivation is important as a tool for business development.