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Will future studies become completely online dependent?
Will future studies become completely online dependent?

Will future studies become completely online dependent? 

Due to the coronavirus, almost all educational institutions around the world have been closed. But classes or teaching activities are not closed. Teaching is going on in an alternative way through online or digital.

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Although the concept of online-based teaching activities is old, it used to be very limited. Due to the Corona situation, this method is now being widely used to keep the homeless students studying or learning activities going on. Many have become familiar with this method and have adopted it very well. Many are accustomed to this online method. In general, we know that when something becomes popular or acceptable, it becomes sustainable. If that is the case, then the teaching activities will continue to be much larger and wider than before. Experts say the same.

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Like many, the cost will be reduced once the education system becomes fully online, and students will be more or less involved in their studies even during school holidays during the summer holidays.

Educationist Steven McKinnon says

social media or online has now become a big part of life. What is waiting for us in this situation in the future? It is important for children to learn how to use online learning, how to learn from online sources. ‘

Robert Ubel, author of the US-based Inside Higher Aid and former vice-dean of New York University, said:

“Online learning is very normal and positive these days, especially for those who are unable to manage their work and take classes on campus.

Being an online system, anyone can take classes at night at their convenience, collect the necessary learning materials or resources. Employees have given online students the opportunity to study online. ‘

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