Income by clicking. Wow very straight. I will click and earn money. Is that the case? In fact, click-through income seems so easy, but actually making money is not so easy. Many of us are now searching for many apps on Google and YouTube in the pursuit of making some money in the internet world, which is called Earning Apps. You can find thousands of monetization sites on the Internet by downloading apps from the net or registering for an account via email on a website and clicking on the ads on that site.

No, I am not appearing with this article for the purpose of discussing how to make money from that site. I have come to make you aware of this and to make you aware of its harmful aspects. My husband is a small mobile app developer. I have come here and settled down after crossing many pastures in my life. He also fell into the clutter of clicks. Thousands of rupees have been spent and years have been wasted on his life. I will share with you my experiences as a wife. So let’s first know what is PTC?

According to Wikipedia, an income system called PTC –PAID TO CLICK was launched in 1997 on some websites. Over the next few years, many PTC websites were created such as Neobux, Clixsence, Ojooo, Familyclix, Paidverts, Ayuwage, innocurrent, huge domains, etc.
So, first of all, let’s not know what is the benefit of clicking on the above sites.

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To work on the PTC site you need a mobile or PC, an internet line, an online payment processor account such as PayPal, payeer, Payza, Payoneer, etc. through which you will bring the money you earn to your account, and you will need an email.

Different advertisers place advertisements on these PTC sites to promote their products or to increase the visitors of their websites. In return, advertisers pay PTC sites a certain amount of money. If you have an account on these sites and click on the ad, a certain amount of money will give you that PTC site. In this case, the PTC site acts as a third medium/media or traffic exchanger. I will explain the matter a little easier with an example.

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Suppose I have an e-commerce website. Every day 50 visitors come here. I want 2000 visitors to visit my e-commerce website every day. That’s why I advertised on any of the above PTC sites. For this, I have to pay a certain amount of money to that PTC site. Suppose I pay 10 cents for a visitor. Now as a visitor if you click on my ad on that PTC site you will get 8 cents, and the PTC site will take 4 cents (it is not fixed, I just gave an example). What did I gain as an advertiser? You clicked on my ad and came to my e-commerce website – it increased my visitors. PTC site got a profit as a medium, you can also earn money by clicking on the ad. Each PTC site shows a certain amount of ads every day and each ad lasts for a certain period of time such as 5 seconds or 30 seconds. Typically, depending on the site, you may see each ad for 5 seconds to 30 seconds. Once you have finished clicking on that specific amount of ads assigned to you each day, a new ad will appear every 24 hours for you to click. This is the strategy of showing advertisements on the PTC site.

There are 3 ways to earn income from the PTC site.

(1) Free member– where you can earn a few dollars a month by clicking on an account and clicking on it every day.

(2) Paid Members– If you had invested in this account in the name of Silver, Golden, Platinum, etc., by investing up to 5-500 dollars, the income would have been a little higher every day. Many people invest more and more in order to earn more income. In this way, at some point, some fake websites closed down websites with people’s money and disappeared. And the ones that are genuine websites, the amount of income they give you is much less than the amount of income you suffer. If you learn to work by working in any other job, you will be able to earn a lot more money than hard work. I will discuss it one day or another.

(3) With referrals– If you want to earn income with referrals, if you have an account on these PTC sites, you will get a referral link. ঐ Link If you invite a friend of yours through Facebook or email, if your friend accounts on that PTC site with your link, you will get a certain amount. Here too the amount of payment you will get is very less than the labor.

Below is an estimate of how much revenue per click from the best trusted PTC site Neobux–

The maximum PTC site pays 0.001 cents per click which is 8 paise in Bangladeshi Taka. Thus if you click 1000 ads then your income stands = 1000 x 0.06 = 60 rupees or 1 dollar. Again this 1000 clicks but you can’t do it in one day. Because you can click a certain amount of ads every day. You will have to wait for 24 hours after the new click.

Each PTC site pays 4 cents a day. Now if you open an account and click on 5 PTC sites from each PC, then your daily income from 5 sites will be 20 cents. So 30x 20 = 600 cents per month, that is, 6 dollars means 500 Taka. Then it turns out that at the end of the month you will earn so little money that you won’t even have the money to buy megabytes of internet. A lot of your time and labor will be wasted in the middle, your studies will be wasted. It is better that you learn some other good technical things at that time and goes to work. You will see that you can earn a lot of income from there.

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According to Bangladesh Bank, there are currently 850,000 freelancers in Bangladesh, most of whom are students. They are earning about 500 million dollars every year which is about 4200 cores, Bangladeshi Taka. So you too can join the income by learning something good.

Below are the names of some of the currently popular sectors that you can learn to earn some good income

  • 1) Mobile Apps Development
  • (2) Graphic Design (UI / UX design, logo design, banner design, business card design, T-shirt design, brochure design, motion graphics, etc.)
  • (3) Web Design (e.g. Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator)
  • (4) Web Development (eg HTML, CSS, JavaScript, CMS, PHP or C ++, Python)
  • (5) Desktop Software Development
  • (6) Photo Editing
  • (7) Video Editing
  • (8) Google Adsense (Youtube, Website)
  • (9) CPA Marketing
  • (10) Affiliate Marketing
  • (11) Digital Marketing
  • (12) Search Engine Optimization
  • (13) Dropshipping
  • (14) Architecture Design
  • (15) Data Entry (Article Writing, Personal Assistant, Language Translation, Call Center Customer Support)
  • (16) Content Writing
  • (17) Cartoon / 3D Animation..