All of us who work with technology should have our own personal web site. And if it can be done for free, then it is fantastic.

How do I get a free domain and where can I get hosting? The answer is that you will get a free domain, you will get it from many hosting sites.

But let me tell you – the .me domain is free. And .com, .net, .io no one will give them for free. However, there are many discounts for students!

And .me domain is giving Namecheap free for students. So go to their site and take it. And if you don’t have student mail, open it now.

There are many sites for free hosting in which you can use 000webhost or InfinityFree. I think both of these are the best for free hosting.

For Mial create please watch this video:

For Free Domain:

For Free Hosting:

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