Facebook has allowed us to make money through Facebook videos. This facility has been introduced in 32 countries of the world in nine languages. This opportunity has been made available for Bangladeshis and Bengali speakers through Ad Breaks.

What are ad breaks?

In a word, Ad breaks are an ad break. Ad breaks are the promotion of advertisements in one’s videos published on the Facebook page. Users and creative creators in Bangladesh can now earn money by uploading videos on the Facebook page or by taking the opportunity to take a break from the previously uploaded video. The video features both Bengali and English. Creative Facebook users will also be able to increase page followers through long videos provided on Facebook through the Ad Breaks feature.

How to match the ad?

The user does not have to bother to get the ad. This advertisement will be given on Facebook. Users only need to come under the ‘monetization’ policy on Facebook. Under the policy, advertisers who place ads on Facebook will advertise the videos on the Facebook pages of the users or creators. This price will be paid from the money paid by the advertisers.

How to turn on ad breaks?

To launch ad breaks, you must first have a separate page under the Facebook user’s profile. If you do not have a fan page, first create a fan page. This can be any type of page. You can create any page that interests you and others. A page can be easily created by clicking on the Create tab next to the Home tab at the very top of the Facebook page.

Then you have to upload creative videos on this page. And with the opening of the page and upload the video, but the income can not be. For this you have to apply to the Facebook authorities. Applicants must be 18 years of age.

Ad breaks feature on the page

To activate the ad breaks facility, you must first go to the business section of Facebook. From there go to the Creator category and turn on the Monetization option. If you turn it on, the video uploaded to the page will not be eligible for revenue. First of all you have to verify the eligibility of the page.

Page qualification verification and management

For this, you can easily know from your profile on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/business/m/join-ad-breaks from the check eligibility option to know where there is a deficit in your Facebook page to turn on ad breaks. It will be known in which qualifications you are lagging. And after the page is qualified, the issue of content eligibility will come into consideration. You can find out more about your page and content by visiting https://www.facebook.com/creator/studio. Those whose skills do not meet the requirements will see a graphics presentation on compliance with Facebook Follower, Video Viewer, and Monetization Eligibility Standards. Where the qualifying progress of each page can be tracked. Monetization Eligibility Standards To ensure transparency about compliance, publishers and creators will be able to see a new visualization in the studio, which will indicate how the policy violation will affect their eligibility to monetize Facebook. There they will be able to see the list of violations and in some cases will be able to apply directly from that list.

Rules for adding ad breaks to videos

To add ad breaks to a new video, go to the Video section from the Creator Studio Home tab and select Ad Breaks after uploading the video. You will then be given two options to publish the ad. One is the automatic selection method. The other is the preferred method. In case of choice, you have to choose where the ad will sit between 60 and 120 seconds. Then it will be published.

To add this feature to a previously uploaded video, go to the Monetization section on the left side of the Creator Studio page. From there you have to select the add breaks option and select the video from the dropdown box. Then go to the Edit Video option and select Add Breaks from the menu on the right side of Video Composer.

Video Eligibility?

Must be a moving image, not a sliding animation with a still image. The video must be user-friendly and community standard. You must have at least 10,000 followers to be eligible to earn money through ad breaks from Facebook pages. The page must have a video that is at least three minutes long in the last 60 days. The videos have been viewed at least 30,000 times and everyone has watched the video for at least a minute. The video must be accompanied by a title and a brief description.

With these considerations, whenever publishers and creators are deemed eligible for ad breaks, they can launch ads on their uploaded videos at that moment. Also, after qualifying, Facebook pages can increase the presence of their page by uploading multiple videos at once and earn money from there.

Video Disqualification

The video is inconsistent with the video title, which is the minimum time to be repeated with the same video. Obscene, inconsistent titles and videos in religious, social, political, ethnic, etc. The video that is stolen or shared in violation of copyright rules. Uploaded video must be secure and authentic. In other words, if you post a fake video, neither the publisher nor the producer will be blacklisted here and will not be able to earn any income.

Success in ad breaks?

Workpoint Entertainment has become a very popular page on Facebook by posting a video on the performance of a magician named Thailand Got Talent. Sciarappa of Pasquale, New Jersey, also made a lot of money by posting videos of Italian food in the kitchen. Joy Sethi has become an example by uploading videos of All Deaf or his own community with funny videos. They are making a lot of money from ad breaks.

Success Tips

Ad breaks will easily match ads if you can meet the needs of the user. Because they have more views on the issues that interest them. And the higher the view income.

If you create meaningful and knowledgeable content to build the life of the people in your community, the income will increase as the audience will increase. Videos suitable for women, children, teenagers, or backward people will be more useful. This contributes to the success of the viewers as they are more interested in video content related to the ongoing events. The demand for election news, technology news, etc. is high.

Presentation of obscure or incomprehensible topics to the viewers in vivid video images, tips, motivational speech, e-learning, virtual training. Usually more than 10 minutes long content is more revenue. But of course these contents must be relevant. Videos that are able to capture the attention of the viewers or followers on the content or bring back the viewers can be considered ideal. In this case, the introduction of places of interest and historical places, travel, etc. can be mentioned. You can easily earn money from live video through ad breaks. In this case, you have to stay live for at least 4 minutes. There will be an opportunity to earn from a 15-second ad break. For this, the video should be watched by at least 300 people. In order to earn good money, even after the advertisement in the video, the viewers should watch your video for at least 20 seconds.

Facebook will pay the publisher for the ads that appear in the videos originally uploaded to the page. As a result, the longer and longer the video on the page, the greater the chances of using advertising. The user will be given 55 percent of the income earned from the published advertisement. However, as there is no Facebook office in Bangladesh, producers and publishers will get the money earned through wire transfer through a bank account or global online payment system.