There are very few people who don’t hit Facebook at least once a day. Some of them keep an eye on interesting things letters on Facebook. Facebook has merged with our lives in such a way that the taste of social experience is changing day by day.

Appearing one day with different posara. And by using this posara, some people are making themselves as Facebook entrepreneurs or as businessmen. Facebook Entrepreneur, although the business concept is not new, many do not know how to use this medium to succeed as a businessman. There are endless opportunities for business and employment in this medium of social communication.

Facebook can be another way to earn money by setting up your own online business using social media. Today I will discuss some tips about business on Facebook. Hopefully, you too can start your new career on Facebook as a businessman.

F Commerce

Doing business through Facebook is called ‘F Commerce’. There is no need to spend money to create a website here. You can start a business just by opening a page on Facebook. Once you log in to Facebook, you will see some of these businesses. Usually, many people have started the business with products like sari, different clothes, gift items, nakshi Katha, different food, handicrafts, etc. You don’t even have to spend money to do this kind of business, you just need your own creative mindset, time, and labor.

Facebook for small and local businesses

Facebook can be a powerful medium for any small and local business. When you log in to Facebook, you may be surprised to see the business of some companies. But it doesn’t take long for you to become like them if you set goals. I saw a woman who made a lot of money just by selling a tip. His tip is also being exported abroad.

What business do you do?

Think first what business to do? Facebook’s business is mostly area based. What is the demand in your area? Talk to your friends, relatives, family members. Decide whether to start a business with one product, or choose more than one.

Creating a business page on Facebook

To start any business on Facebook, you need to create a business-related page. Creating a Facebook page is easier than creating a web site. Moreover, it does not cost anything. Before creating a Facebook page, remember that the personal page and business page are not one. The page will be named after the business. However, the business page will run with a personal profile. The name has to be fixed with a long-term view of doing business. You can create a business account on Facebook if you want. In this case, you will find some tools to use on your page. Facebook will charge you for this. But I don’t think it’s necessary for local businesses.

Create page banners, slogans, and logos

Page banners and profile pictures represent your business values. People first look at the profile picture, in which case the profile picture turns into the company logo. Advanced logos, banners, or cover photos will definitely make your page beautiful and professional. If you want to be more professional, you can make a logo with a good designer. Choose a slogan for your business page. Which will be able to attract your buyers. Such as the slogan of Bangladesh Biman, the nest of peace in the sky.

Never leave the “About” section blank

Fill in the About section of the Facebook page with details of the business you will be doing. This section is the main platform for your business. Remember, most members of your page will visit this section to find out the ins and outs of your business. Not a big article, but a brief one. You will be the admin of this page. You can also create a team if you want. The team will control everything on this page.

Adding members to the page

Once your page is ready, you need to start adding page members. First of all, invite everyone on your friend list, a friend close to you, to add everyone on his friend list to this page. Try this method to add 1000 likes to the page. Then create an area-based friend list. For example, you live in the Dhanmondi area. Search by typing Dhanmondi on Facebook and see how many visitors are showing. Invite them to your friend list, except for your page. Don’t overdo it, at least you’ll find some people.

The real thing is to introduce yourself

Introduce yourself. In the case of online business, you (the business owner) are completely unfamiliar and untrustworthy to the buyer. So the buyer will never dare to pay you before the product is in hand. Again, you should not take the risk to give the product to a stranger before you get the payment. So get to know the buyer, build a good relationship. People’s friendships are now made online. In order to make this friendship, you have to try to increase the engagement. And trust and confidence will be created only when engagement increases. Only then the buyer will not object to the payment before receiving the product. So introduce yourself, expand the scope of the business.

Not like, pay attention to the cell

Many people are happier when they get likes on Facebook. There is no reason to be so happy. There is no profit for business by increasing likes on Facebook. Many people think that if there are more likes on Facebook, there will be more sales. Which is completely wrong. The engagement on the Facebook page is the most important. Increase engagement, the cell will grow.

How to increase engagement

Increasing engagement is the primary strategy of the Facebook business. Make at least 2 posts on the Facebook page every day. Do some research today on what to post tomorrow. Get information from the internet. There are many sites on the internet, customize without copying from them. Study again and again. Then post. Take the help of a word processor without writing directly on Facebook, then copy and paste it on your page. Giving status to Facebook means you don’t have to think that you have become a Facebook marketer.

Suppose your business is a native sari, such as a weaver’s sari. For this, you have to study with a loom sari. You are not a weaver. So someone who knows more about weaving sarees should take help. Find out what online posts are related to this and list them all first.

Create content from all the listed posts. Facebook content and blog content are not the same. Facebook content is usually small. The essence types. If you want to post a lot of information, you can sell the note option. Present content as you like without copying and pasting. If you copy and paste, you will be less successful in branding. Create content that will benefit people. As soon as you post with useful information from people, the members of the page will start thinking of you as a friend, only then will trust be built on you.


  • One post out of 2 posts per day can be quiz type. Lots of comments and likes on quiz type posts.
  • Never post any ad type in the beginning, it will not create friendship, it will create distance.

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