Facebook can be another way to earn money by setting up your own online business using social media. Today I will discuss some tips about business on Facebook. Hopefully, you too can start your new career on Facebook as a businessman.

How to Use Facebook for Business Purpose [Part-1]

Easy information exchange

Easy exchange of information People’s addiction to Facebook has made a tremendous contribution to the promotion and expansion of the social business. Facebook plays the most integral role in disseminating information. Sharing information with friends, family with family, family with friends increases step by step. With an emphasis on business expansion, you can easily connect with different people by sharing information, there are no barriers or limitations.

Like and comment on other people’s business pages

Like and comment on other people’s business pages. Even those who you think are your competitors, go to their page, like it, make constructive comments. This will not harm you, but you can easily reach their clients. Clients will have the opportunity to compare your product with theirs. If your product is able to gain their trust, their client will not be late to you. You need to be polite and polite to comment. Facebook is a social medium for people, so be careful about commenting on any picture, video, status. If you use any kind of wrong, rude language, people will remove you from the friend list. Then you have to pay the ultimate price for your business.

Special offer day

For business on Facebook, you need to know what opportunities you are getting. You have to understand that marketing on Facebook is not one of the marketing of radio television magazine. Always think of doing something exceptional, which others do not. Whether you are an established entrepreneur on Facebook or start a new business, exceptions can bring your business to the brink of success. For example, if you buy one, you will get another free offer, a 50% discount, etc. If you take the initiative, it will come to the notice of the people very easily.

If it is a local business then offline must also take various initiatives. Otherwise, branding cannot be done. Such as participating in social activities. Collection and distribution of relief for flood victims. Some of these offline campaigns will make your marketing much easier. You can take more exceptional initiatives like this from your own head. Such an initiative must be done at least once in 3 months. This will increase your branding several times.

Set goals for tomorrow

The most important thing is to keep your goal clear, you have to be consistent to reach the goal. For example, you have a fried chicken shop. Your goal is to expand the business. So you need to make a business plan for the next six months. Suppose you want to grow your business by 10% in the next six months. Then focus on the following. Update your Facebook page every morning. Create coupons, post on Facebook. Think creatively when updating status regularly, it will strengthen your business communication field.

Upload photos of coupon winners every day.

Transparent medium for business

Write good reviews from people nearby in the review section of the page. Collect from them through request. It would be better to get reviews from those who are a little more familiar online. Ask them to share pictures on the wall. Check your sales volume at regular intervals such as every one week. You can see how a product is marketed on Facebook. There is nothing to hide here. Click to see how many people have reached the post. So it is so transparent that there is no room for privacy here. Looking at the reviews will create confidence in the minds of the people about buying the product from you. Get reviews by selling the product to the people close to you, there is no need to take false reviews.


Plan ahead to increase page engagement

Quickly reply to a comment:

If anyone comments on your post, reply quickly. Any advice is welcome. Introduce yourself by commenting on someone’s page. Establish business connections with others in this way.

Use images and videos thematically. You can create videos and upload them to YouTube. Video sharing is plentiful. Many likes will increase from there too. It is best to plan to upload one video a week. The use of images and videos will make your page more attractive. Give pictures of any product, upload videos. The client’s attention will be more.


  • A cloth merchant will always post pictures of his new stock.
  • A house designer will always post new designs and ideas.
  • A personal trainer will upload various instructional videos of the exercise. Etc.


Post status, photos, and videos with business in mind.

The main capital of good relations business:

Establishing a good relationship with your customers is the main capital of your business in the Facebook business. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. Because it is not possible quickly. Give constructive and information-based posts, then it will not be too late to reach the customer, you will get positive feedback.

Promote Facebook page:

Promoting your Facebook page is entirely up to you. Create a business card for your business, with a link to the Facebook page. You can print stickers and put them in different places. Such as various vehicles. This will help you to reach the customer directly.


Create a business plan by understanding the needs and age of the customer. If you want to sell such books, advertise by understanding the age of the customer. In the beginning, you can talk about your business in a post every 2 days very carefully, but if you talk about selling the product directly so soon, it can be a cause of loss for branding. Paying system for selling the product on Facebook is a bit complicated. You can give cash delivery to the local customer. But even if not all payment systems can be arranged for distant customers, try to arrange payment in popular payment systems. For Bangladesh, bKash, BRAC Bank, Dutch Bangla Bank can arrange payment through these popular payment gateways. Tips Always try to keep the transaction transparent. Only then will confidence in business be created in everyone. You will have no fear of losing.

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T-shirt affiliation:

Currently, the most popular source of income in Bangladesh is Ti spring, which is a T-shirt affiliation. Facebook is mostly used for this affiliation. Young businessmen between the ages of 18 and 26 are earning Tk 3 to 4 lakh per month by selling T-shirts. They started this business at the beginning of Facebook marketing. They are easily selling T-shirts for 300 to 400 rupees by buying T-shirts for 100 rupees and designing for 100 rupees. They are earning 200 rupees per t-shirt. University students are earning so much money just by campaigning on Facebook. The key is to stay focused.

Hosting Affiliation:

Income for hosting affiliations can only be earned through Facebook marketing. Income continues to grow according to how many sales you have made. Income can be Rs. 5,000 – Rs. 60,000 per month. However, it is not possible to take hosting affiliation as a career. Because regular income will not be possible.
Local Business Now everyone is using Facebook marketing to increase the profit of any business. Starting with the restaurant business, fashion house, and other businesses, you have to increase your income by marketing on Facebook.

Share your skills with others

If you think you are skilled, but you are still not getting a job somewhere, then I would say, you promote your skills through Facebook. Such as motor mechanics, painter, marriage media, accounting, etc. If you can learn about skills through Facebook, you will not be short of work. Work will find you. Then you can’t finish working.

Understand the behavior of potential customers, target the potential customer’s age, sex, their purchasing power, buying habits, understand their behavior, develop content accordingly. Potential customers need to know how to collect data and analyze their behavior. Finding the right audience and marketing only to them. There are many tools to understand who the right audience is and if you market like a blind person without knowing how to use it, time will be wasted. No more income. How many people saw your post, not your selfishness, how many people bought your product, marketing success. That’s why target the right customer.

Apply Remarketing Technique:

If you can bring a promotion to the same person again and again through Facebook marketing, then the product will be established as a brand. Therefore, it is important to retain the customer, to deliver the message to them by marketing again and again. This method is called the remarketing technique.
Turn yourself into an icon Make yourself proficient in the Facebook business with regular time and effort. This will make you an icon to others. Once you become an icon to people, the difficulty of marketing is reduced. More can be gained with less effort.

Monitoring of monthly marketing report and preparation of marketing plan

Facebook has a system to see every marketing result. There is no benefit in marketing without knowing how to analyze them. If you do marketing without knowing them, you will be lost in the sea like a blind man. Create a marketing plan according to the report. The marketing plan for the next month has to be sorted according to the monthly report. If you know what kind of content is attracting people, at what time people are more online, then marketing will reduce your hard work and increase your income.

Do not analyze other people’s business

Analyze the market of your business without analyzing the business of others. There is no benefit in analyzing the other. You will only get the frustration. Create your marketing plan by looking at your competitor and his race. Get a clear idea about the market by visiting other people’s pages.

Giving yourself some time every day to post a post on Facebook increases people’s engagement, how to market your page more people will see, how to sell the product you can sell the product to at least give yourself some time every day to acquire good skills. Share the posts that will be useful for everyone in other groups. If so, the likes of this Facebook page will continue to increase. Useful information will definitely be shared if there are interesting pictures. People who are sharing on the wall will be able to find out about the page from their friends. And if you know the name of this page, again and again, it will become a brand. No one will share an image created for business reasons. But you have to think or tag. So tag your business post. Do not tag any personal posts. You need permission to tag. If you allow tagging in the privacy settings of the person you tag, it can be seen on your friend’s wall. This is one of the strategies to promote your business. For example, a travel and tour operator can tag various pictures related to their travel. This will allow the client to know about different places. You can share or tag various happy moments of your business.

Customer Care & Support:

Customer care and support is another important issue. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. The customer must be respected and valued. This service is very important before and after the sale of any product. After posting the product information, the customer can ask you any question, such as price, return after-sale, discount, etc. You have to answer all of this. Again after the sale, you have to answer the question about different services.

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Fake accounts, which you will never be able to do. We often use fake accounts. Fake accounts should not be used in any way in the Facebook business. Moreover, it is unethical to use a fake account in the term and conditions of Facebook.

Keep information about the customer:

Make a list of current customers. Write down the phone number, email address, if any. Keep a diary or maintain a file for this. Write down who is ordering you, what you are ordering, when you have to deliver, etc. File maintenance is very important for the business.

The future of online business

Facebook is a kind of online business. Most of the world’s richest people are online entrepreneurs. They have become rich by using online. This explains the future of online business. Online will one day become the main field of marketing, surpassing TV. The focus will be on online platforms, as the current generation is also able to watch TV online.


At present, there are more than 19 million Facebook users across the country. This number shows how Facebook users are in Bangladesh. Facebook users are growing rapidly because of smartphones. This number could increase to another 5 million next year. The only mantra of business, stick to it. Facebook is now a very experienced platform. Gain marketing experience by watching videos on YouTube. There are many videos on Facebook making business plans on YouTube. Don’t be late, start. Be self-reliant.