Many people have this question in their minds that what is email and what is Gmail? Are these two the same thing or different? Many questions and dilemmas surrounding email and Gmail can be seen in many. So today I will try to overcome all these dilemmas.

Before going to the main discussion, I will ask you some questions.

  • Are television and BTV the same or different?
  • Courier service and Sundarbans courier are the same or different?
  • Bus and Hanif Enterprise are the same or different?

I hope you have memorized the answers to all these questions. Then I will try to give the answers briefly.

1. Television is a medium or device and BTV is a media organization or channel. A few more such channels like RTV, Jamuna TV, SamayTV. All of them carry out propaganda work through television.

2. Courier service is a type of service through which goods or documents of different customers are delivered from one place to another. And one of the companies that provide this courier service is Sundarbans Courier. There are more such courier service providers. Such as- Continental, SA Transport, Karatoya, etc.

3. The bus is a kind of vehicle. It allows us to move from one place to another. And Hanif Enterprise is an organization that provides this service of the bus. Some other transport service companies such as Dipzol, Shyamoli, Greenline, etc.

First of all, what is email?

Email’s e = electronics and mail means message. E-mail is the short form of electronic mail or message.

Earlier in the day, we used to exchange our messages/letters through post office. Then when the computer was invented and people started writing on the computer. Then I thought it would be nice to be able to send these texts to another computer. In 1971, Romand Samuel Tomlison, an American programmer, invented a system that could send messages from one the computer to another via the Internet. This modern system of sending messages is called e-mail system and this digital format of the message is email.

Later various companies came forward to provide this e-mail service. For example, Hanif, Dipzol, and Shyamoli have come to provide bus service. Sundarbans, SA Paribahan, Karatoya have come to provide courier services.

Similarly, companies like Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, etc. come to provide e-mail service. The branch of Google that provides e-mail service is called Google Mail or Gmail for short. Again, the name of the branch of Yahoo’s e-mail service provider is Yahoomail.

So when we register/sign up for e-mail services near Google, Gmail is added to our email address according to their company name. Such as [email protected] If we have an account in Yahoo, then our email address according to their name is [email protected] There are two types of extensions that can be used with Microsoft. E.g.- [email protected] and [email protected]

This is called Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, or Hotmail e-mail provider. There are many more such e-mail providers. E.g.

  • Pepipost
  • Zoho Mail
  • Maildotcom
  • Proton Mail
  • Zoo mail
  • AOL Mail
  • Xmail
  • Yandex

There are also many more e-mail providers and each provider gives the customer’s email address according to their name i.e. web address.

Gmail is such an e-mail provider and they use their web address (Gmail) in their customer’s e-mail address. That’s why we often call it Gmail. But basically it is an e-mail. I hope I have been able to remove the confusion.