Domain Selection Tricks: In the real world, words, names, numbers, and more representative words are more attractive in the virtual world because cows and goats do not come in the virtual world.

This is where real-world people come in and when they see a word they already know floating on an online page, they are attracted to those words and the basic purpose of all kinds of business is to warm up consumers or create an initial attraction.

So if you want to be a prudent domain investor, you have to be more active than business people and make a domain investment by selecting words that have a very fluent real identity.

Some marketplaces and Domain sales.

SEDO: These are popular for Great Domain Auctions. Big deals are mostly done through brokers. Moreover, they have regular auction programs. If you don’t have a very strong domain, participate in the auction with $ 59.

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DAN: A good market for medium-sized deals. In particular, 2 word or keyword domains are likely to be sold in a few months.

Name Liquidate: This is a new liquidation market. If you want to sell the domain urgently, you can use it within 1 month at a lower price. Many domains of the DAB group have been sold in less than 1 week.

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Squad Help: This is a premium market. You will submit the domain. If approved, you will think your domain is valuable. And the average duration of the sale is 6-7 months.

Flippa: It’s a paid market. Each domain listing is $10. If you don’t have a very good domain, listing here means throwing $10 in the water.

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4CN: This is the Chinese marketplace. If you have a short numeric domain then you can add to this market. Domain list is free here but if you want to auction it you need to deposit 400 yuan in the account.

Note: All of the above data only applies to .com domains.

Here are some things to do to get domain sales easily in the global market:

  • List your domain in all markets including Sedo, Dan, Epic.
  • Find out the expired domains and look for the correct spelling.
  • Try to find a 2 word English domain. For this, you can take the help of Name Investors or Expired domains.
  • Avoid past participle forms of words.
  • Add your domain to NameLiquidate Market today to sell domains below $100 in less time. It will promote your domain for free and has a 60 percent chance of a quick sale.

Domain registration with the latest patience and wait.

Writer: Siful Moni.