Domain selection is the first step in your dream to transform your favorite venture into e-commerce. There are many important things to know when doing e-commerce business. The first thing in him is the “domain”. Let’s know the details –

What is the domain?

The name or address of a website on the Internet is called a domain. Where information can be viewed and collected through the Internet. For example:,,, etc. However, Microsoft, Facebook, Google, or Articleio only this part is the domain name.

The .com part, on the other hand, is a domain extension. Domains have more extensions, such as .net, .org, .info, .ac and many more. You can find more details about domain extensions – at the link…/List_of_Internet_top-level_domain….

Each domain has to be registered for at least 1 year, which can be renewed later. There are as many domains in the world and every registration is unique.

.com, .net, .org, .info domains are abbreviated as TLD or Top Level Domain, none of these domains are free. No matter what you buy, depending on the type of extension, time, and company, you have to spend a minimum of BDT 600 to BDT 3/4 thousand. There are country-specific domains according to different countries, such as .bd for Bangladesh, .uk for England, etc.

Domain type:

Each domain is used for one task. For example: .com domain commercial or any business organization can use .com domain for their organization. On the other hand, .net domain is for network / group-based organizations, .org is for organizations, .info domain is for information-based organizations and .ac / .edu is for educational institutions (schools, colleges, universities). However, .com domains are now being used for almost all types of websites. Because, a readily available, search engine friendly and very quickly goes viral on the internet. Search engine friendly and if there is no need for viral on the internet, domain extension should be used to suit the type of work/organization. Lately, many more new domain extensions including .store, .blog, .pw, .shop are also available to buy, as ICANN, the top organization of domains, has launched many new domain extensions in the last few years depending on the type of work/website.

Let’s know more details about a domain by answering some questions

1. Why turn your initiative into eCommerce?

– Nowadays almost all businesses are operating online, so you can get customers from other districts or other countries as well as local clients.

– Keep your business a few steps ahead of everyone else.

– You can continue your business in any natural disaster or epidemic like Corona or bigger, where all offline business is shut down. Notice the current context.

– Your market will grow. If you do business locally, you can do business with 100/200/500 people in that area. But, if you are associated with eCommerce, you will be able to sell your product in your area, district, division, country, and even in markets outside the country.

– You can do business monitoring in the blink of an eye. How many purchases, sales, profits, losses, stocks, everything will be in front of your eyes in a few clicks.

2. What is the first step in transforming the enterprise into eCommerce?

– The first step in converting your favorite venture into eCommerce is choosing a domain and buying it.

3. Why do you have to book/purchase a domain first?

Selecting a domain and buying it right away is the first step of eCommerce, just like the biggest step. Of all the steps and costs involved in starting an eCommerce, this can be done for the lowest price. This is even more important than having a website or Facebook page.

Why? Let’s hear a story

Remember, your name is “Zodu Modhu”. You want to buy a domain called If you search, the name is also empty. He jumped for joy and thought, you can buy that if you want. Isn’t it? So it seems that when there is space, you are Mr. Zodu Modhu. No one else can have this name. So, I thought I would buy it for 2 days, then the rest of the work! Then it seemed as if he had opened the Facebook page before spending the money. And when you add it to your profile, Founder of Zodu Modhu, you also added the link of the website on the Facebook page.

This time it worked !! Someone saw a page from your profile adding your domain name Good! Unio also visited and saw that nothing was open. What does that mean? 2 issues:

He thought he would buy something from you, but you didn’t register the domain. So you can no longer trust. Maybe he’s your opponent, so he won’t miss the opportunity to size you up. He took your domain name in his name with a thousand rupees. But you don’t know anything yet !!

Then you woke up in the morning and thought, well done, I bought the domain today. After breakfast, he sat down at the PC. Hey, the domain can be taken from Shaon Bhai too! Muhahaha! Shaon visited his brother’s website and went to his domain portal. Searched with your name. But that’s it !!! unavailable! Writing shows. Shaon brother called! Why does my domain look unavailable? As usual, after hearing Shaon Bhai’s answer, you went into a state of heart attack! Because, the domain that you could have bought with a few thousand rupees, is being parked by someone else (domain parking is big business, I will write about it another day). If you want to get the spelling of the domain, you have to pay around Rs 20,000.

But, why? Is it Shaon Bhai who is hostile to you? Nah, never! Because brother Shaon didn’t know you would buy a domain called

This time Shaon Bhai gave you a suggestion, almost all of us make a common mistake when buying a domain. If you like the name and spelling, don’t buy it and leave it.

Remember, millions of domains are being registered every day around the world. One thing to note, if you think your name is “Jadu Madhu” in Bengali, you can take your domain in a few spellings if you want. For example or or or How do you spell your name in English? Zodu Modhu isn’t it? So what will be the domain name? Right?

Now think about the spelling of your business domain name. Can you find out if it is affordable? I mean, has anyone already bought it? Survived this journey if you didn’t buy it in advance, and if you can’t buy it, it’s the name of choice. But then, the name of the business also seems very useless. Reason:

The name of the business is your brand, and this domain is representing this brand online!

If your business name is Modhu Bazar, then is suitable for you and it is compatible with your brand name. Once lost, the chances of getting it back are below 1% unless the previous buyer leaves the domain.
So buy a domain as soon as possible to get a domain in your business name and with the right spelling first of all.

4. Which domain should you take?

There are many types of domains available to buy online. Each domain has its own function and price based on the domain extension (.com, .net, or others). E.g. .com Domains – For Business Websites. for net networking organizations (such as Internet service providers). .org for NGOs or non-profit organizations. There are many more domains that are more or less the same in terms of work and price and I mentioned that at the beginning of this article.

However, the most common, popular, easy-to-remember keyboard shortcuts are the ones we’re used to hearing from, and the domain for business/e-commerce websites is – .com.

All of you should immediately buy a .com domain spelling your business name. This domain is the most important investment in your business for just a few thousand Taka. It’s not a joke!