Domain Auction Bangladesh (DAB) started its journey about a year ago. Starting with the sale of, the number of domains sold in this group is approximately 300+ so far. It is estimated that at least 6-7 lakh Taka’s Domains have been bought and sold in DAB.

In a Facebook status yesterday, founder Khan Muhammad Naqib said, about their new achievements. He said,

“Our website will now be controlled as a forum, as well as a forum with IT-enabled services in Bangladesh ( Domain Auction Bangladesh”.

From now on, the forum will be managed by the DAB, Domain by cell, Q&A, blog posts, networking, and online meet-up. In addition, it can be used as a means of communication, so DAB members can easily stay connected to each other.

Domain Auction Bangladesh (DAB) website has a web feature that provides all the ideas, accurate information, and suggestions for the domain-hosting business. This feature will remove all the confusion before buying domain hosting.

They will not stop only in the domain. They have to go far. Enable all types of buy-sale, including domains, hosting, websites, software, and apps. DAB will ensure 24/7 customer care service.