Many times when you download a picture from a website, it has a copyright mark. It is not legal to use such images. As a result, even if you like the picture, it can’t be used very often.

Some websites offer subscription services to use images. The three websites are Getty Images, Stock, and Shutterstock. Their pictures can be taken for money.

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However, if you do not want to subscribe on a monthly basis, Google Images can be used. If you want to take copyright free pictures from there, you have to search by typing the topic of the picture. Then click on the ‘image’ option. Click on the Tool option at the top right and click on usage right. After selecting the Not filtered by license option, the copyright free pictures will appear in the search results.

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Also, there are some photography sites where free pictures are available. Some of these websites are

Their image collection is not as big as Google’s. However, the resolution of the picture is much better. So the pictures can be used easily in professional work. If you want pictures in PNG format, you have to go to

  • PNGplay
  • Icon 8
  • PNGming website