For the first time, Facebook has listed ‘Community Leader’. Razib Ahmed of Bangladesh is on the list. He achieved this by contributing to the spread of English education in a group called ‘Search English’. The current membership of the group is about 2.5 million.

Nisha Jahan got married a decade ago while studying in class 8. No more studying under the pressure of the world. One day I found the Search English ( group on the home page of Facebook. Become a member and start learning English regularly. Nowadays he can read English books as well as speak English with the correct pronunciation. Not only that, but he has also started studying after being admitted to the ninth class. Not only Nisha, but many others have also learned English on this platform. Razib Ahmed, the entrepreneur of the group, got the honor of Facebook for this platform.

Facebook’s Community Leadership Program

There is a group feature along with a Facebook page to give easy access to friends as well as strangers. Groups have the opportunity to communicate among themselves under the same platform. Facebook’s community leadership program is working to make this community further. The program was originally launched to encourage the solution to various social problems.

About 6,000 applications have been submitted online from around the world since the announcement of the launch of the Facebook Community Leader program last February. From there, Facebook selected 115 community leaders from 48 countries in the three categories of ‘Residence’, ‘Fellow’ and ‘Youth’. Razib Ahmed of Search English has become a ‘Fellow’ in this honorable list.

Razib Ahmed, founder of Search English and former president of e-commerce organization E-Cab, will receive a 50,000$ prize as a community leader on Facebook. He will also visit the head office of Facebook.

The birth story of Search English

‘Many of us are afraid of English. Many school-college students do poorly in English subjects. For the same reason, many people get in trouble for their jobs. The problem with language is reading while working or traveling abroad. People who have dropped out of school face this problem but do not practice English out of shame. Search English was born with the aim of helping these people. ‘This is how Razib Ahmed explained the reason for starting.

He said the journey of search English started on the first day of July 2016. This initiative to teach English through the Facebook group is gaining popularity fast. The number of members of the group exceeds one million in one year. At present, the group has about 16 lakh members. Among them, there are four lakh expatriates. Besides Bangladeshis, there are many members of the group in India as well.

Rajiv Ahmed said, ‘Many people are afraid or ashamed to speak and practice English in front of others because they know less English. Our group does not have to get such fears. We all catch each other’s mistakes and teach the right one. This is one of the main reasons why English learning initiatives are gaining so much popularity through Facebook groups. ‘

The training is not conventional

Everyone can learn English on the Search English platform. However, the activities of the group are completely different from the traditional coaching center for learning English. Anyone from home and abroad can join the group and learn English for free. There is also an opportunity to read articles written in English. Various content is also published to enhance the speaking, writing, and listening skills of the members in English. The group also has several paid online live classes. Search English website Dhu Marlei to know the details.

There are three more with

Razib Ahmed is the main promoter of Search English. But he is not alone. With Neyamat Ullah Mahan and Abul Khair. They take care of technical matters. Besides, SM Mehedi Hasan did research on various topics in Search English.

Future plans

From the very beginning, the desire was to reach a platform for the practice of the English language to the people of the districts, Upazilas, and villages outside Dhaka. Announcing his future plans after meeting the target, Rajib Ahmed said,

“We want to do more research in the future on why our students do badly in English exams.”

According to him, the method of teaching in search of English will be further developed. Being selected for this Facebook program took our work one step further.

There are more achievements in Search English

In October last year, a feature and video documentary was published on the business page of Facebook about the small success stories of Search English like Nisha Jahan’s changed life. The feature and video documentary can be viewed at

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In addition, in May this year, Search English won the award in the community mobilization category of the ‘Social Media for Empowerment Award 2018’. Apart from getting recognition for the fifth batch of GP Accelerator graduate startups, Startup Bangladesh has also received funding from the project.

Search English has been nominated in the Learning and Education category at the Ambilionath Asia Awards 2018 held in New Delhi on October 3.

There were also adversities

Many people used to laugh and joke about Razib Ahmed when he started teaching English by opening a Facebook group. Many people say that people are being misguided. Some did not even bother to say ‘there is a manipulation’. However, Rajib Ahmed did not listen to the issues. He said, ‘I know I am doing a good deed and no one is being harmed in my work. So I didn’t think about what anyone said, I just moved on. ‘

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Razib Ahmed at a glance

Razib Ahmed passed HSC from Notre Dame College and studied English at Dhaka University. He chose to teach as his profession. He taught in a private university for about three years. He left teaching in 2002 and started working online. Besides, as a freelance writer, he used to write in various magazines on various topics including technology.]

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In 2006, he started working as a professional writer in an international blog media. He then became the president of the e-commerce organization e-Cab, popularizing the online shopping sector as well as leading the development. At present his meditation-knowledge is only with Search English.