Without giving you a business idea, if you are taught how to come up with a business idea; Isn’t that better? You can easily come up with at least a hundred business ideas in just a couple of hours from any one of these articles. So let’s get started without delay-

1. Great idea at the wrong time: long before YouTube, pseudo in the ’90s. com started publishing videos online. But their idea failed because of the speed of the internet at that time. Hundreds of such examples can be found in autopsy. on a blog called io and CB Insights. These sites discuss exactly what causes businesses to fail. Your job is to look at such examples and find out if the idea that failed 15 years ago can be implemented with today’s technology.

2. Give free service: Let’s talk about cliff notes. They make summaries or notes of different books and sell them in the form of small books and also get a lot of popularity as a powerful tool to get good results without reading the whole book. A few Harvard students typed these notes and posted them on their website for free. Naturally, everyone opted for free instead of buying 20 notes.

So it will be your job to discover what that is and to bring it about. Then see if it is possible to give such services to everyone for free. If possible, you can start a new business by arranging ads within the service. And there are many examples of opponents buying companies to reduce their business losses as the company gets bigger.

3. Use the Third World: Many of the world’s largest companies do not bother with low-income countries. Most of the people are not interested in market expansion as their income is low. And you can take advantage of this opportunity. Let’s talk about backpacks. The world-famous Amazon. com Most of the products are not delivered in Bangladesh.

Anyone can bring the product of their choice to the country through a backpack. Your job will be to find a service that is not in the country and somehow it is possible to bring that service to the country. Once brought, there will be no shortage of people to enjoy that service.

4. Keep an eye on foreign business: Whenever a new successful business is launched in any country of the world, try to launch that service in the country itself quickly. Let’s take the word ‘send’. In developed countries, renting vehicles through mobile apps has been common for a long time. ‘Uber’ has long been a well-known name in this field. ‘Send’ was founded long after Uber.

Today, they are a very big organization as Uber also launched the service. Bikroy. com and so is Amazon. com launched as a large company. Find out if any organization abroad has come up with a service that has become very popular. And launch such services in your own country.

5. Create a mobile app: In 2016, an app called Prizma came out, which could only be used by Apple customers. Later, of course, Prizma also came out for Android. But in the meantime, it is not possible for Android users to express their grief for Prism.

In the meantime, if anyone could find an app for Android that could edit pictures like Prism, it would undoubtedly be at the top of popularity. Let’s give an example in the case of Windows Phone. In 2014, there was no free video player in the Windows Store that could play videos of all formats.

If someone at that time made a video player for free and arranged ads inside the player for his own income, then that app would become hugely popular overnight. So, keep an eye on different platforms. If something comes out for just one platform, try bringing something similar, to another platform.

6. Keep an eye on women’s comfort: There are many services that are needed by both men and women and it is possible to capture the entire market of female buyers if we look at women’s comfort a little differently. Ride-Sharing is an app similar to the Send Obon app.

The difference is that since the drivers here are all women, many of those who used to use Patha in the past are using Obon. Even people who didn’t use a ride-sharing app have started using ‘Obon’. So it will be your job to discover what that is and to bring it about. Make some changes in the service and bring it for women as well.

7. Use English: The number of people who are not proficient in English is not small. If you want to learn something, it is very difficult for many people to learn something by listening to lectures in English on YouTube or by reading articles written in English. If you see that a new service has been launched or a programming language or software has come out and the common man is not able to enjoy that service properly due to language or is not able to learn easily due to language, then launching or teaching that service in the mother tongue can also be a Successful business!

8. Pay as you want: This means that there is no fixed price for such business services. The buyer pays as much as he wants. If you do not want to, then you can give nothing. Although it may seem ridiculous, it is very effective! Of all the books on computer programming published in the country so far, Tamim Shahriar Subin’s ‘Computer Programming: The First Volume’ is the most popular.

You will have to pay to buy a hardcopy of the book. But you can also download the book from Tamim Shahriar Subin’s website if you wish. He gave a ‘development’ number on the website. Many may be downloading the book for free, but at no extra cost to the author. Many are paying the price and the huge popularity of the book is due to the fact that it can be downloaded for free.

Of course, he has set a price for the PDF book, you can’t do that. So you too can take out photography, books or songs or something like that and give everyone the opportunity to pay whatever they want with the facility of downloading. So why are you late? Take out any business idea! Maybe this idea is the first step in your story of becoming an industrialist.